Autistic employee problems?

My friend is autistic and works with animals. They were told to never handle danger dogs. A dog that was staying there was a danger dog. The assistance told them to take the dog out because they didn't want their time wasted with the dog. They told the assistance that they were told never to touch the dog or open the kennel alone. The assistance said it was okay and to take the dog out. My friend had no choice but the take the dog out because the assistance would not go do it. They told the high ups that they took the dog out and ask if they where allowed to bring the dog to the owner. The higher up was very upset with them. My friend follows what they are told and try to listen to the higher ups first and before the others. Is she in the wrong here or only miss guided?


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  • They are both in the wrong ( your friend and the person that told him/ her to remove the dog ) . Your friend would have done better to go to a higher up with this issue , but being autistic this should not be their fault

  • Misguided.


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