I can't do a Roly poly/somersault, how do I get out of P. E/gym?

So I'm thirteen and I can't do a somersault. I'm not the tiniest bit flexible and yesterday in gym, we had to do gymnastics and do headstands and somersaults. I failed at doing the somersaults and hardly tried doing the headstands. I made a complete fool of myself, my teacher saw me and I'm afraid she's going to make us do it again. I've got an alternative timetable on Thursday, when I had P. E again, but with a different teacher. I'm thinking about faking ill on Monday.


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  • do what I did, pretend your on your period and hide in the changing room or the washroom. or 20 mins before gym, call your parents and tell the school your sick. or you can just practice doing what your not good at