Any Tickling Lovers?

I feel really weird and uncomfortable asking this, but lately I've found a few users on Tumblr describing the same thing I have for tickling. I can't really say I love it, it's more than just love, I have some sort of a desire I guess.
I'm really shy and kind of ashamed of it, I've never told ANYONE about this, and whenever someone mentions this topic I feel uncomfortable and awkward.
Can someone relate in some kind of level to this thing I'm having, or used to deal with something like this?


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  • Ugh no. I hate being tickled, I despise it. It makes me uncomfortable. But my coworker has this new thought in his head he has to tickle me whenever he works with me now so I have to put up with it like 3-4 days a week.

    • If you don't feel comfortable with him, then I'm totally the same. But with people I feel comfortable enough I just love it.