Poll: What's more complicated: Women, Quantum Physics, Einstein's Cosmic Train Theory, Newton's Laws of physics or Mathematical Engineering?

I know guys who have passed the latter 4 and failed with the former. So Im going for women.

  • Women?
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  • All that other bullshit I mentioned?
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Lol 50 50 on this one ha ha


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  • If you use your words, magical things happen. Like understanding.

    • Understanding? Tell that to mr nice guy friendshipzone boy who is the shoulder to women. I would say assertiveness and outgoing personality over understanding.

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    • I don't know about mr 100. I did ask him and he said my problem is that I hold back (probably overlaps with your good advice of being more direct). I need to get more assertive. He did tell me though that if you treat a girl like crap, they do all types of shit for you. Swear on my life he said that. I just personally can't do that, it goes against my personality and I end up being a dumbass more than anything else. But it does make me wonder. He probably went for the low self esteem girls.

    • Sounds like it. Try to be more direct.

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  • Women only seem complicated because you start with unverified assumptions. Men mostly get these by listening to what women say rather than watching what they do. You've heard the expression "follow the money"? With women it's "follow the genes".

    • Fully agree. What women say and what they do are two polar opposites. Genes... damn fuckin strait, hence the golden 80/20 rule where 80% women screw 20% of guys. They wouldn't admit this though hence my agreement with your first statement.

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  • Obviously... I can just speak for myself, that being said... I'm very simple: I like handsome bearded men and breakfast food ☺☕

    • Such a load of shit. So in this day and age of bearded posers (those guys who look manly but are pussies because its a trend... those guys who my guitarist buddy and myself have written an offensive song for)... you have a sea to pick from. That guy needs to have more.

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    • ... lol Biker/Viking dude. Fair enough.

    • Ah, you had me at biker😍. Those rough and rugged men lol. Take care!✌

What Guys Said 3

  • Women are just people, the other bullshit is pure math. Mathematical engineering is pretty difficult, yeah.

  • Women isn't made to be understood they r made to be loved
    Of course maths , einestine theory , etc is wayy more difficult

  • women is know