What race or country like black men the most?

not racist just was bored and curious

excuse me african american men is that better


Most Helpful Girl

  • i like black guys and I'm from canada, so add that one to your list! :D


What Girls Said 4

  • US, Africa, EVERYWHERE! lol

  • little white gurls

  • no one will ever like black men more than black women do


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  • The term black people usually refers to a racial group of humans with skin colors that range from light brown to nearly black. It is also used to categorize a number of diverse populations together based on historical and prehistorical ancestral relationships. Some definitions of the term include only people of relatively recent Sub Saharan African descent (see African diaspora). Among the members of this group, brown skin is most often accompanied by the expression of natural afro-hair texture. Other definitions of the term "black people" extend to any of the populations characterized by dark skin, a definition that also includes certain populations in Oceania and Southeast Asia.

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