How would you feel if you got pocket dialed in the middle of the night, twice?

I've been talking to this woman for around a month now. I work an overnight shift and we had been texting, her last text came at 9. So I accidently pocket dialed her twice over the course of my shift. I had no idea until she texted me today telling me. I explained what happened, but she has yet to respond.

I'm a bit nervous and embarrassed. We met online and have our first date on Friday. So i was wondering, how would you feel to get two phone calls in the middle of the night? I really like her and hope this doesn't impact negatively on me.


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  • I always put my phone on silent and lay it face down on my nightstand so it may or may not wake me up. If it's an accident , the first would be ok ; but not the second time

    • That's why I'm nervous. I wouldn't be too thrilled either.

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    • Good deal. I might consider setting up that lock so your not sweating this as a replay lol. Have fun on Friday dude

    • Thanks dude


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  • If I am seeing the man already, I would actually be disappointed that out was a pocket dial. I welcome calls from my man at any and all hours of the day and night. If it were someone I had not seen yet, I wouldn't be jumping for joy, but accidents happen and I would be understanding. Just make sure you set a lock on your phone to prevent it from happening again.


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  • Get a wallet style case... It covers the screen... Problem solved.. Well, one anyway.. she's probly confused, i know i would be.. Give her some space and cross ur fingers