Health Conscious People. Is anyone else really selective about what they Eat?

When i started the gym a few weeks back. i decided to also change my eating habits.

I eat minimal sugars and no sweets. No pork and minimal bread

I eat lean chicken breasts vegetables brown rice oats etc with minimal salt.

If I'm with others. .. most people Eat very unhealthy. If i go out to eat i try to Di it minimally and i don't really want sweets or my friends cooking

Anyone the same?


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  • I try to eat healthy but since my bro eats junk food all the time, sometimes I end up joining him.


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  • I used to have constant stomach pain from poor diet, lack of exercise, and maybe more things. I just got so annoyed of it I decided to change my lifestyle. Especially my diet. I am now afraid of eating junk, eating too much of the same thing, too much in general, etc. It has made a big positive difference but I am still conscious about it. Afraid of getting stomach pain. My parents think I'm going too far. But I'm happy with my progress.


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  • I'm so health conscious about it i don't eat. It is subconscious.