Im soo embarrassed. Turned red when he stretched?

There's this guy that has been trying to make the moves on me. Constantly turning around (i sit behind him) and he's always stretching and turning to see me. Sooo... it bugs me but I just pretend to not notice it. Yesterday, we were working on something when he kept stretching and leaning in towards me and turning to see me. I gor embarassed because his friend was looking at us and some girls were too. I turned red like really red and he kept doing it. He kept stretching his arms, flexing and looking at me. I guess his friends were telling him that I was turning red because he kept doing it and turning around to see me which like I said it was obvious since I sit behind him. The girls just kept laughing and I just put my head down a couple of times because I was started to sweat. Can u guys give me advice on calming down and not turning red?


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