I feel like im just breathing?

I've reached a point were im just breathing not living, i feel broken and empty, useless. what wrong with me? im so done with everything and no motivation to do anything i dont understand how i get out of bed sometmes. im just done. whats wrong with me im only 15 i should be living shouldn't i?


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  • Everyone has a point whether is big or small. I feel like that sometimes but, I always try to remember that I haven't completed whatever task this universe has for me. You're 15 and that's great! People "live life" in many ways, whatever fits them. Watching movies all day can be someone's meaning of living life. Try to get a hobby, go on bike rides, watch funny videos, there's so many thing you can do. You manifest your own destiny! Things always hit a bottom and when they do they bounce back up. if nothing works then find someone to talk to like a therapist. I need one and that's okay to admit. I hope you realize that your presence is need on this earth even if you don't feel it now one day you will make an impact. Feel better


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  • Do what you love. If you don't love anything you should start searching.


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  • you have depression. you have just described having depression. having no motivation is one of the most classic and easily recognized symptoms of depression. speak to a doctor or therapist or counsellor.

    • i can't put that burden on my mom

    • you need to do something about it at some point, one way or another. if you don't treat a condition, it doesn't just disappear.

  • Are you feeling emotionally neglected?

    • i just got through a hard point in my life of being forced out of my house and moving so my mother has other priorities but i am no way being neglected this is all personal i hope

    • I mean not in that way.
      You might need more attention from your family perhaps or whoever.