How do I stop this feeling?

I've just been feeling sad and scared at the same time lately. I don't know if it's the stress of work or not but I can't sleep and I can't eat. When I go to sleep I always have nightmares and whenever I try to be happy I just end up crying my eyes out. Help 😞


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  • U have two options >>
    1- try to find someone that u don't know and talk to him/her freely without the fear of knowing ur weak point or make fun of u , talk about everything and anything makes u sad or angry.. I think that would help u much :)
    2- whats ur hobby? what is the thing/s that u love to do much? u know , when i feel sad i always go to watch/play football coz its my life <3 and when i do what i love i feel happy ^_^ u have to do that , when u feel sad go and do something that u love and makes u happy
    -- I hope that would help u :) --


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  • Talk to friends, famiky, phsych.
    Nthng happened to you lately?
    Anything naking you feel so low?
    Is it smthng that was slowly building up until the ede point now?
    Do you feel completely unsatisfied? Numb? Suffocated? You need to know what s bugging you so much.
    After talking to loved ones or maybe a doctor.
    Trying adding to it sports, goid food diet, nice activities etc..


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  • It sounds like you have some serious depression going on, been there done that too. Have you talked to anyone, a doctor etc about how you're feeling?

    • I haven't

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    • Thanks :)

    • And you're welcome! :)

  • if you cannot express to people in your real life, try this

    If you have a pet, sit with it in your room and just get it all out

    • I've been wanting a pet for that exact same reason

  • need friends or a boyfriend to get better be with people and have as much un you can

    • That's what I'm thinking

    • do it i wish you all the best

    • Thanks

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  • I'm no doctor but it sounds like depression to me. I would suggest being outdoors in nature, that always works for me. You can also try meditating or picking up a new hobby. If this doesn't work you could always speak to a therapist

  • stop reading sad stuff on the internet

  • damn you really need to talk to someone about it