Which lady bugs bite?

There was a fly and a lady bug in my house. Which ones bite I am guessing it is the orange ones? I thought I was seeing things I wish I killed it because I thought it was the one that bit. I think it was the genuine ones. So I left it and it flew away.

Yes I know I am having a dumb moment here. I am allowed one per day. Half the time I put on the dumb act. By the way there is snow on the ground already where I live so I know there will be a lot more insects/spiders coming in to keep warm.


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  • Orange lady bugs are actually japanese beetles and they do bite.


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  • I have never known of a lady bug to bite to be honest , flies how ever will bite the shut out of ya

    • Yeah I knew that but it was a common housefly. House flies and other breeds of flies give you a nasty bite.

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    • That would not surprise me flies are nasty

    • Yes they are nasty

  • I thought they all can bite, but they don't necessarily do.


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  • I don't think they bite, perhaps it was a beetle of another sort?

    • I will research but I have been biten by a beetle before it flew down my top!

    • I'm a frequent lady bug catcher and have never been bitten. Must've been another beetle that looks like a lady bug which I think there is.

    • No it was a dark brown one that bit me. I hear there are a japanese beetle that bites you. They look similar to lady bugs. And I actually was unsure if it was a lady bug or the japanese beetle that bites.