Where is the missing one dollar $, I betcha!! ?

where is the missing one dollar $, I betcha!! ?
You went to a restaurant with two friends to eat. The bill came was $75. So you decided to contribute equally for bill amount and paid $25 each.

the waiter came back and returned $5 as the owner gave discount. You decided to give $2 to waiter for his honesty. And shared rest of the three dollars each. So final amount each three of you paid is $24.

Now when you get back home and calculated then one dollar was missing.
Finally paid 24+24+24 = 72
Waiter tip $2 so 72+2 = 74
Initially paid $75 - finally paid $74 = $1

Where is the missing dollar gone?

Hi gagers, where are you. Can't you solve this mystery... Lol. ;-)


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  • Wait. They each initially paid 25$
    So that means to cover a 75$ meal they spent 75-25-25-25=0
    Then they get 5$ but give two away for the waiter.
    So that means now each has 3$.

    There are no dollars missing.

    • *Now each has 1. Not 3, sorry.

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    • The all paid 25$, dude. Them receiving one dollar back doesn't change the fact that they still paid only 25$.

      Look, I go to the store with 10$ in my pocket. I buy a new cool tea cup for precisely 10 dollars.
      That means I left the store with zero money.
      The cashier then yells at me and says that it's actually 9$. So I go back and she gives me 1$.
      I leave the store with 1$ in my pocket.

      That's your situation almost. The fact that I got 1$ at the end doesn't change the fact that originally I spent all 10.

      Look, you basically spend ALL the money. But then you get SOME of it back. The amount you suddenly gain back DOES NOT change the original amount you spent.

      Originally they spent 25 dollars. That's final. Then they got one back. Period.

    • May be or may not... :-)


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