Shall we play another round of how did he die?

Scenario: A scientist was going about his daily routine at work - researching specimens on the field, when he brushed against a sharp surface which tore a part of his suit. In a state of panick, he attempted to return as fast as he could to his team. By the time, they got to him he was dead.

What happened? Why and how did he die?

Okay guys you can read each other's opinions and help each other figure out this mystery


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  • "brushed against a sharp surface which tore a part his suit?" Sounds like he was in a safety suit or something. Maybe some sort of air poisoning caused his death?

    • I guess it could be considered a safety suit. You're right that it has something to do with air though

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    • Ohhh I see hahah thanks xD that was fun.
      I now know about some diving illnesses.

    • Welcome and glad you had fun :).

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  • His heart stopped pumping blood through his body----> death


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  • I like that picture and secondI am guessing the some of the chemical spilled on the table and when it ripped than he died.

  • You said that it tore a part of his suit, so I'm guessing it does not necessarily mean he got injured, am I right? And you said that the team got to him and they found him dead, but he in fact was on his way to them. Hmmm... not quite sure how he died, maybe he got a heart attack? 😂

    • Not a heart attack but you're on the right track in the sense that it was a medical condition

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    • It is quite a brain teaser

    • Ohhhh it's an air embolism! How could I have forgotten? 😂