Should I stay on my hockey team or leave it?

I'm on a tier 1 girls travel ice hockey team and I've been getting benched just so that the coach can put out his daughter, his niece, and the two new defensemen on my team. I'm not the only one getting benched and I know that at least three other girls already know theta they're leaving the team team in March. We already know, our team isn't going to make nationals. We won't be able to beat our cross town rivals, because they're older and bigger than us. We're at the bantam level and were mostly younger, while they are all older on that team. We're going to lose. And me and three other girls are being benched without a good reason and I don't know if I should leave now or just ride out the rest of the season. If I don't chmage teans by the end of December but do later, I can't play in states. Should I stay on the team or leave it, most of my wanting to stay is bragging rights at my school. We're very competitive with each other and I know if I leave early, I'm going to end up on a team that's notorious for being terrible. My defensive partner is a brat, and the defensive coach's daughter, she doesn't know when to get off he goddamn ice. She's almost 13, she should know when to get off. Should I stay or should I leave?

I left the team. Couldn't deal with the coach's bullshit anymore


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  • you should be professional about it and stay till the end of the season/tournament.

    wouldn't be a bad idea to give your coach notice. it pays in the long run to do things the right way, especially when leaving a team/squad/job.


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  • You should leave. And find a better team


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  • If you enjoy playing in general and being on a team then finish the season. If you are fed up with this and don't wanna play anymore then leave.


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