How's my singing?

Well this is my first time I shared my singing, just wanted to see how you guys like it.

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  • To be blatantly honest, i think it's terrible. You are able to sing better than me at least...

    From what i could hear in the album you:
    - miss the beat several times
    - have set the background music way too loud so one does not hear your voice at all
    - use david guetta in your cover picture?
    - have a "crackling" sound to your voice when holding a note
    - miss notes
    - sound like you are sick/ have a flu when you recorded this

    • Alright, thanks. I just wanted to see if I can sing or not... Guess not 😂

    • Oh an I blame the crackling on pueberty 😂

    • In no way do i want to discourage you. If you like to sing then by all means continue to.
      Just to some voice/singing exercises and you will get better.
      No average human being can be good in something when just starting out :)

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