Who controls the temp at your house and what does it stay on?

Who controls the temp at your house and what does it stay on ?
I control it at my house because 1, im closest to it
and 2, people don't know how to please everyone with the temp.

One person my little brother has skin problems and the heat helps so he turns it on freaking 90 degrees
and has everyone cooking so we dont let him touch it

my sister will sneak to the thing when everyone is sleep and have you waking up like you went swimming

im the only one who loves the cold i keep it on 70 and if im the only one home i may turn it to like 66 and lay down to watch a movie


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  • We don't have an AC but in the winter the Gma likes to keep it at 68. But it gets so damp that I usually nudge it up to 69 or 70.


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  • My country is not advanced enough to have these kind of things. Only the ultra-rich, and millionaires here can afford those. Most common people wouldn't even know that these exisit.

    • well.. since only millionaires can afford these and your country isn't that fortunate, what is your prospective of a "millionaire"
      (i think you should move, here you can get appartments under 200 bucks if you really have no money) and you can get 200 bucks for working for a week at wendys..

    • Well... I can't 'move' to the United States even if I wanted to. Your immigration laws are so ridiculous. The only way into your country for me is a H1 Visa, and that does not allow me to work in unskilled jobs. There is a HUGE waiting queue for a green card for people from my country, so it's not even practical to consider a move to the US.


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  • each floor has its own thermostat. so i control the one on the second floor and my parents mainly hang on the first floor so they control that one. my sister doesn't live with us anymore, but she used to control the one on the third floor.

  • We don't have a thermostat. We have to bundle up next to our tiny electrical heater😂😂

  • I do. and it must always remain at 42 Degrees.

  • Air conditioning, because it's summer where I live. And about 21 degrees Celsius :)


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