Furniture moving tips anyone?

Furniture moving tips anyone?

Hey guys! So my boyfriend and I bought a sectional for our spacious living room (which is downstairs). My boyfriend was having touble removing the hand rail before leaving for work, so left it up. When the movers came they had no trouble manuevering it through the 34.5 inch door frame, but when it came to the stairs they said it was not going to work because the hand rail and potentially the couch being too big. I measured the stairwell and it is 35.5 inches once we remove the rail.

They left the two piece sectional with us to try for ourselves. My boyfriend will be home soon and I am so nervous about this! Shouldn't it fit since the stairwell is an inch bigger than the doorway?


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  • nope no tips! Just get a lot of man power! Ask guys to help!