How do you fix zips? And other tent help?

Well awhile ago my dad brought me a tent and last time I went camping the zip fell off the track thingy and I don't know how to put it back on and I need to use my tent for this weekends medieval camp. Any suggestions? And how do you put a tent up in the rain without it getting wet inside? Might rain this weekend


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  • Mountain Hardwear makes zipper repair kits. If your tent has clips instead of pole slaves and if yo have a footprint. You lay the footprint shiny side up then attatch the poles to the foot print. Then drape the flysheet over the framework and fasten it down. Then you suspend the inner tent by clipping it in place on the poles


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  • How did it come off. If the track is still intact you may be able to stitch one end of the zipper, put it back together and sew it back up. If not you may need to do a sort of jury rig repair on it.


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  • you can't fix it now. I'm a seamstress.