What do you view as the toughest aspect in dealing with parents?

I ask as a father of three ( 2 girls and one boy- between ages 19-26 ), and trying to forge better relationships with them


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  • well, my parents are hard to be honest with. they always wanted the truth or to tell them when i was in trouble or something, but their immediate reaction is usually anger, so over the years, i just learned to keep things to myself. and now i get accused about not being transparent at all lol. you can't win! basically, i wish they could have reacted in a way that encouraged honesty rather than discouraged it.

    • I think I have always passed this test, but it is a bit of a pointer to all relationship. In regards to the need to attach the 'conditions apply' when people say 'you can be honest with me'


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  • being able to relate i think.
    sometimes parents really need to step back from their authority a little and just lower their mind to the child's level. think of what they're thinking, not when YOU were a man of 20, but when THEY are a man of 20. for example.
    generational gaps cause little issues that really don't need to be there if both parent and child can understand one another.

  • I really wanna talk about some of my personal stuffs with the parents but I can't because one, mom gets super worried and Two, dad gets angry.

    • in retrospect, i always listened, and heard, but saw through my eyes, rather than through theirs.

      I think I struggled to be really in touch with life from their view

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    • No worried.
      It would be better if they saw with their eyes but at the same time try to understand the children's as well.

      And then talk with out nicely without being stubborn

    • yes, we fail to walk in your shoes, and see through your eyes :(

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  • Honestly I don't know I mean I've never really had any problems with my parents, I would imagine the toughest part dealing with them when they are transition from being a kid to being a teenager that small time period when they think they know everything and all that.

    And being able to relate with their kids I suppose, though I imagine that there can be generational differences.

  • They sometimes try to make themselves look like perfect humans, when in reality, they've comitted the exact same mistakes or worse.