Have you ever felt like you made a mistake, and wished you would have done different?

When I was younger I knew this guy in his 70's. He was in a wheelchair due to severe cerebral Palsy. I have mild cerebral palsy. One day these thug teenagers went up to him, and started calling him a retard, and making fun of him. I was discusted, but also scared. They looked dangerous. This was outside the library. Now I wish I had stepped up. I wish I had said something, and stood up for that poor man. He seemed so hurt. The thing is I know how it feels. My muscle spasms have gotten worse, and people stare at me or make rude comments. Sometimes I blurt out words randomly. It is really embarrassing. I know I was just a teenager then. I still wish I had made a stand. Told them that I had the same disability he did. That if they pick on him they have to pick on me to. He had a hard time speaking because of his disability so people assume that is has to do with his IQ or mental ability.


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  • All the time... sort of. It's usually the same thing repeated in my head. This one time in high school, I was in the restroom and some students were dealing drugs. I left the restroom and kind of nodded to a teacher, but didn't really say anything, he entered the restroom to see, BUT I wished I would have yelled it out from the top of my lungs... "THERE ARE PEOPLE DEALING DRUGS IN THE RESTROOM!!!" :) 8p ha ha.

    -It's not like your story, but still.

    • oh and there were many MANY people in the hall way.

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  • We all have things that we did that we regret. I certainly have a fair share of them. I think the best advise would be not to dwell on that moment, and think about the greatest lesson that you learned. Surely if you did not act in that moment and the guilt splurged in later for you, you are now different because of it. I hope you do whatever is in your power presently to make a good impact. But don't beat yourself down, seriously. Guilt will lead you nowhere if it isn't followed by reform. Also, you were young and conscious, there are many reasons why you didn't speak up and that's alright too. It's all part of growing up.


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  • I wish I had just paid more attention when they were teaching me how to tie a tie. Now I can't.


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