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Ok so I have schizoaffective disorder so I'm naturally constantly paranoid even if I don't show it. Well I live in an apartment just me and my daughter. My daughter is one years old. She has her own room and sleeps by herself in her room. Well I'm constantly worried someone is going to break into my apartment and kidnap my daughter. There's been many house breakins around my area lately well I should say in my state... Should I leave her in her room or am I just being crazy? I'm a single mother so I'm actually an easy target. What should I do? Move her in or stop being paranoid?


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  • With Everything Evil tha tis just Going on in this world Anyway Every day, Especially Now, @sunsetgoddess9 whether or Not a person has 'Schizoaffective disorder' or Not, Many People Out there Are... Naturally constantly paranoid.
    You are a Loving, concerned mom who has her baby's well being at best interest, and I am Not going to point fingers at your Big Concern, which with the Break ins, you have every right to Feel like This.. You both are alone at home.
    Make sure you have a Good Lock system going on your own door and even have a Safe System Installed where you can see on our cam who is coming and going into the building.
    Take cautious precautions and try and relax. Make sure you have your cell available at all times, should you need to call 9/11, and Have a friend or friends in the building you can rely on for comfort when you need them.
    Good luck and Happy holidays to you and your loved one. xx


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  • I think it's normal to be concerned however take as much precaution as you can, add another lock to the door and it's okay to check in on her once and while however if you obsess you're going to drive yourself insane

  • Don't be so paranoid hon, you're daughter will be okay. At night especially keep the window locked and the shades pulled. :)

  • Paranoia is all about "what if." If you stop thinking about all the what it's and just let yourself relax, it will subside a little bit. She's going to be okay, you are with her in the same house. No one can hurt her, if you are there. :)

    • all the what if's*