Is there a humane way to kill animals? that is feasible way?

The neighbor's cat has injured birds and rabbits. when I pick them up, and call vets, htey won't take htem because they are wild animals. IT ocurred to me the ohter day to put them in a box, make a hole to insert the eaxahust from my car, turn it on and wait for hte carbon monoxide from the emissons kill them. how painfull is this asa way to die? how long will it take for carbon monoxide to asphixiate? any other suggestions.


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  • In all honesty I really shouldn't comment on this as I am an animal person , but yes it would work. The animal would simply go to sleep after a short time , it would take just a short time more and it would be over. I know if the bird or what ever else the cat hurt is beyond rehab then suffering is a far worse thing than humainly putting it out of its misery. I don't envy the task

  • No there isn't. Death is death; you are just as effective as killing them instantly than making sit in a box and suffocate.