How to not have any awkward moments or anything (in person) conversations?

this guy (hes in my class) been talking over text for a while. we've been talking about music, school and depression. He is an introvert and isn't very social. He wants me to start talking to him in person but how can i when i know everythings going to be awkward? i mean like even when we texted, its awkward. how can i avoid it? Im going to hold a conversation up with him tomorrow-- yeah we planned it. Note that we are both really shy and i spoke to him today just really short questions and he just replied with a word. any help please to on making the conversation interesting and ongoing? thanks.


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  • Jeez anxiety can suck. I suppose you talk about things you're interested in or whatever. What are thoughts on subject A multiplied by factor B making something funny C. Unless you're too scared of awkwardness to risk being awkward. If it's too awkward try talking in a 1930s sexy voice. that gives everyone confidence.


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  • You either have chemistry and the conversation flows, or you don't. You can't force chemistry, and there is no sure-fire way to avoid awkwardness if there isn't chemistry.