I put kid inside trash bin?

Some kid in the 9th grade said im skinny infront of all my friends the kid was pretty small so I picked him up and put him into one of those bins you put the big garbage in at our school at lunch and everyone was lauging. I did cause it because I'm not taking disrespect from a kid a year younger. I kinda feel bad and I'm afraid he might snitch and I might get suspended


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  • Hey, saying that you're skinny isn't necessarily a bad thing, & even if he was "disrespecting" you, you took it too far.

    • fuck that nigga. calling me so skinny is disrespect on im not taking disrespect in front of my mans.

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    • I'll be a man some other time.

    • Ok well just remember there are consequences.

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  • you got it coming big shot

    • by who? lol. his bro?

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  • That is a pretty lame excuse to put a younger kid in a trash bin. I am sure you could have handled that way better.

    • Punched him? or "walked away". if i walked away he probably would of started trying pick on me.

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    • fuck yeah i would. drake once said " I ain't no tellin nigga ain't no tellin." chief keef once said "A snitch nigga dats dat shit I don't like."

    • Lmao... pulling quotes from legends on now are we? I was just giving good advice. My bad bro.

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