Hypothetical Question: Would you stay with them?

You fall deeply in love with a person who happens to be in a wheelchair. They can't physically have sex with you and can only offer a romantic relationship that involves kissing, hugging, holding hands etc. (I know people in wheelchairs can have sex, but it just happens the person in question cant).
Would you stay with them?

  • Yes
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  • No
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  • No, i would not because we would not be compatible.


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  • If you feel that your romantic love trumps sexual love then stay with him. You have to think about what you need, they could be the best person on earth but if theyre not satisfying you in certain ways sexually or not you want to be you can't sacrifice that, or else you will being to resent them.


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  • Well... he still has a mouth and fingers. So it's not like he can't pleasure me in other ways just because his penis doesn't work for some reason.