How many of ye like snapchat?

my favorite thing is that the story only last 24 hours so i don't feel like someone is creeping my snapchat like you can on facebook the easiest to creep on or instagram


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  • I love snapchat

    • whats your favorite part

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    • oh wait i misread. my bad

    • ya college from what it sounds from my mates they go gym for hours between lectures to waste time and a swim


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  • Not a fan, but I'm glad others enjoy it!

    • i mainly like the privacy of it. would be better if people can't screen shot pictures

    • I don't have social media any more because I like my privacy. If they couldn't screenshot things you sent, that would be better yes.

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  • I fucking hate it. I've already expressed this multiple times, but I guess a summary:

    People use it to constantly message. But you wouldn't send a fucking picture every time you text someone. And to me it seems the same.

    • want to add anything else

    • If you can't trust your friends to keep pictures you send them private, then they aren't friends.

  • "ye"? Not I, said the bird.

    • i know its not good grammar but it just suits it makes you a group of people

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    • i just want to talk was on snapchat so decided to have a question on snapchat and to see does anyone want to be friends

    • That I gathered. I'm clearly not fulfilling that need.