Whats the best way to save money?

hi everyone
i would like to know what is the best way to save money. i have 2 kids and i would like to maybe travel to a few countries for a few weeks. i would like to do this within 1-2 years from now, so i would like any ideas to save as much money and being able to still pay my bills and keep up with everyday thing.
my monthly earning is approx. $3,000

i am veyry happy of all your help, thank you everyone i now have many ways to save money and hopefully suceed at my task.


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  • I'll answer as though you're in the US, though this advice could apply elsewhere.

    - Don't have cable. Watch TV over the air.
    - Have an inexpensive internet package.
    - Have a cheap phone package. Good smartphones are available in the $10 range.
    - Buy groceries in the reduced-price section. Quality is often very high because the items were more expensive to start with.
    - Buy from thrift, closeout, discount and dollar stores. Buy secondhand whenever possible.
    - Never buy anything online without looking carefully for coupon codes.
    - Think carefully about your insurance coverage. Do not pay for more coverage than you need. Never buy an extended warranty. Renter's insurance tends to be a ripoff.
    - Never pay more than the lowest amount you can pay for the things you want and need.

    I do all these things, and I'm going anonymous because, as a consequence, I have absolutely no financial need, and no debt of any kind. Back when I was making $800 per month as a university lecturer, I was still able to save, because I lived cheap. I have a child now and things are scarcely different. At the same time, no one could or would claim that my family's quality of life is anything but exceptionally high. Spend thoughtfully and you'll always be wealthy. Good luck.

    • yes i am in the usa. thank you this helps a lot. i will see what i can change and replace. but for my luck i live in north dakota and i only have the option of wal mart and online shopping.

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    • Thanks sister. Hope things are going well for you and your family. And Merry Christmas!!!

    • thank you. merry Christmas to you.
      and we have started saving we will update you in a few months.


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  • So you are spending $2220; thus, you could save about $780 a month. That is $9360 a year, but subtract some taxes, maybe closer to $9,000. For a few weeks, $15,000 is maybe more safe. you could take that money saved at the end of the year and put it into a six month Certificate of Deposit, something to earn you a little bit extra but safe. It would also be more wise to pay off the credit card debt unless $200 is how much you spend on buying stuff on the credit card.

    • wow. that is crazy to see it like that big numbers. and yes those are my monthly payments because i used that to make my bills payments. trying to build credit

    • If you want to save more, you're going to need to sit down write what you spend your money on in the area of miscellaneous or credit card. You may want to sacrifice luxuries or wants.

  • well i imagine that you dont have much money left over after expenses are paid, given that you have 2 kids. But you need to figure out exactly how much you'll need to do the trip, and how much money you have left over after all your necessary stuff are paid for. I mean i can't give you much advice without knowing how much money you actually have after expenses. But one thing ill say is that in some banks, you can set it up so that the moment your pay check is deposited, a portion of it will automatically go into a savings account. That may help keep you disciplined

    • thanks. well so far this are my bills. elect. 100, inter/phone 70 , car ins. 150 , credit cards 200, rent 700, car payment 400, food and misc. 600

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    • ok, i will ask about that and see what the usa can provide. wow you have been very helpful thank you so much

    • no problemo :)

  • Make a monthly expenses plan. See how much you spend in a month and where you can cut off some spendings. Determine the maximum amount that can be cut off, and put half of that amount to the savings wallet/account/safe (whatever you use to keep your money in, i use cash so for me it's my savings wallet for example) BEFORE you start making expenses with your salary. Never touch that money ever unles you can't seriously pay the bill for the second month in a row or something like that.

    The trick is to put the money aside and to show the strength not to touch it.

    • ok. i will try to make a chart and see where my money is going. most of the time i hide money and then forget about them... and that dont work.

  • It totally depends on your outgo.

  • Simple answer: Spend less haha.

    • that is not always an option.

    • Yea, there is no simple answer really. =/

    • i understand but things come up. kids need winter clothes or some random school supply. somethings brakes at home. etc.
      lets not forget sickness

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  • you just make a saving account

    • i dont like banks. savings account dont work out for me

  • Tell me when you find out, I suck at saving money 😭

    • i was thinking placing a jar with the country i want to visit and add money every. anything i have in my pocket.

  • You can reduce food expenses or find an extra side job