Why do you smoke marijuana (if you do)?

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  • It relaxes me and mellows me out.


What Girls Said 1

  • It puts me so deep in thought of what I am doing, eg. Watching, tv, cleaning, music that. I don't have time to focus on my problems. It Releives my stress and helps escape reality for awhile. It helps me study.. I have a better understanding of things. Like movies books, music, people, life. It feels good , and helps me get to sleep. The downside is munchies, paranoia, and self- analyzation.. If you are talking with a new person. You think so much that you start overanalyze. The words and body language. Of the other person and start taking it personal thus start feeling insecure. Well ar least that my experience. For that reason I try not to get super high about new people. But when Im alone it goes wayy down. Look what u started now I need to cop some today..