How many bands do you see on the picture?

How many bands do you see in A? I am trying to read this southern blot and I seem to count 5. @Fondue your opinion is needed!

How many bands do you see on the picture?


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  • It's very faint and reflective lol. Which lane is the control?
    Is this for a lab or for research?
    I'm not too sure. The solid lines I think are bands and the dotted lines are what I think may be bands. I'm not very proficient at Southern blots though.

    • Do you use any imaging software or anything?

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to annotate it :D its for a lab and here's gel from which the SB was made.
      There isn't supposed to be a band at the 2nd dotted line youve indicated :P so I think ill keep it like I've done it so far. Funny story, the marker didn't run properly lol the lab technicians loaded it so I guess they used old buffer.

    • Yeah I see it lol. I wasn't entirely sure. What was the marker?


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  • I'll say five since that works for you. ;P

  • I see 3? The first one is smudged a lot


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