Why do people assume that if you work at McDonalds or Hooters, that it's your career?

It's not just those places, but I didn't know how else to phrase the title. Anyway though, I feel like people think that people who work at fast food places don't have a career drive and just want to do that for a living. Or, if you're a waitress at a place like Hooters that it's your career choice. Or, if you work at a bar that it's your career path. Why do people think that?

Not that I'm thrilled about it but I have cousin that works at Hooters but was in nursing school and just actually graduated. And, I have another cousin who works at Jimmy Johns and was going to school to be a teacher and just graduated. She actually student teachers now and still works at Jimmy Johns for extra cash. Same for my other cousin, she's a nurse now but still has things to do to complete everything. So, she still waitresses at Hooters for extra cash.

With that in mind, why can't people see that some jobs are just temp jobs until you get to where you really want to be in life? Why assume it's their choice of forever income?


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  • Cause you can get easily stuck in that kind of job, even if you change restaurants, because you don't have enough experience or a degree to get a better job, even though you've flipped burgers for 20 years.
    Ideally, you could flip burgers for years, then become manager, then MAYBE get a job as manager at a better place, etc.

    ^That's just the situation most people who work at McDonalds and such are in, besides teenagers and those you talked about in the your post.


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  • That's true.

    The fact of the matter is that ,
    Stereotypes are based on observation.
    They're not always true but they are implications based on facts that a lot of people have observed.

    A lot of people at low paying jobs tend to not move on or get any better.
    Is it true for all? No.
    But that doesn't change the fact that it's the case for a lot of people.

    When at least half of people do something , stigmas are usually formed.
    They hold very negative connotations because there's always exceptions.

    The people that automatically believe stigmas (and leave no room to believe that there are plenty that are different), are being ignorant.

    You never know someones circumstance.
    First impressions are assumptions.
    The rest of the thoughts take off when you know someone personally.


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  • Just going to throw this out there. If at 28 you are still flipping burgers, chances are quite high you'll be working in a diner at 50.

    • Well, this question isn't about me. It's just a general curiousity. Besides, I work at a clothing store processing shipment in the back.

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    • Seriously, I was not being sarcastic at all.

    • Okay, just checking. You never know with people on here.

  • I've worked at my cousin's restaurant for years, but I'm going to school and I need cash.


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  • Sometimes I would have a higher paying sort of more prestigious job which was only part time so I would take on a second in the food service industry just to stay out of trouble.

  • Because who would pass up the chance to work in such a glamorous place like that?

  • Because people like to be assholes and assume stupid shit.

  • Some people do work at places for the long run, but who gives a fuck... as long as you are making an honest living and be able to financially take care of your shit, no one else's opinion should matter, they don't sign your checks so they can eat a dick.