Which name do you like better?

Which name do you like better?

  • Anneliese Marie
    68% (13)38% (5)56% (18)Vote
  • Anna Eleanor
    26% (5)38% (5)31% (10)Vote
  • Theodosia Elizabeth
    6% (1)24% (3)13% (4)Vote
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  • Theodosia Elizabeth. Im not a religions person but I like the sound of it. Theodosia means you have been given by God. Theo=God and dosia= given.


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  • All of them just sound hard. They dont sound soft and roll off the tongue easily. Fuck having a name that takes such effort, nobody will ever use it, they'll only ever use an easier nick name.

    • NO ONE USES THEÄ°R FULL NAME. bUT THEY'RE PRETTY. Sorry left the caps lock open

    • The Anneliese reminds me of that family guy episode where quagmire calls his daughter Anna-Lee and jokes about it being anal lol. That episode totally ruined that name for me haha.
      Yea, they are all kinda flowery pretty girly names though.

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