Is 34DD too big for 18 yr old who is 5'6?


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  • as a gay guy i can say be proud you have large breasts..


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  • Anyway, you don't have the choice. Nobody has.


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  • I think so because for one, she will constantly be objectified and viewed as a sexual object. Even if she doesn't view this as annoying, it will become troublesome because she's at that tender age where many guys want to hit it and quit it/ make a memory out of her physical being/what she can do for them then dispose of the rest. She's going to attract a lot of pigs who may not even pursue her or show as much interest if she had a flatter chest. For two, there will be a lot of dresses, blouses, and tops that will look awkward or fit unpleasantly. She may have that weird hole/bulge thing with some blouses. Not only that, but she's going to have to invest in a certain type of bra that will actually fit her breasts and prevent them from becoming saggy or highly uncomfortable. She could experience back aches like an old person just at the age of 18 because her breasts are big. :/

    Big breasts sound nice in theory but in actual reality, they come with a lot of cons.

    • couldn't agree with you more! you are so on a point about that awkward hole with blouses and shirts and thats the reason why i wear saggy and loose clothes. No one is attracted to me which is safe to say,.. no one ever has been! 😂But much appreciated!

    • @Asker Yeaahhh...:/ you may want to find a seamstress who can tailor your blouses. Maybe size up and she can take fabric away to make it fit in a more flattering way. There are some really cute more loose shirts if you don't want to feel swallowed. You could always go for a round neckline and a fabric like ray on so it at least still accentuates your curves. Chiffon would be nice too because it would still make you feel proud and sexy but not be too much.

    • Turtlenecks are also really flattering on more busty girls with some high waisted jeans, a high waisted skirt and some ankle boots with your hair in a bun. Try something like this...
      This neckline will accentuate your bust
      This has a slight V-neck that will make a larger bust look sexy but it's also flowy which would be nice because you seem drawn to more baggy clothes. It's 100% rayon which means it will probably never shrink plus the fabric is so soft and comfy.

      *I used to work in a boutique as a stylist and help women find the right clothes to fit and flatter their body/help them embrace their unique body shape :) *

  • No, she's lucky and shouldn't worry about a thing!

  • If you're getting implants then yeah. If they're naturally yours, fuck it. No one's body is 'suppose' to be a certain way. Everyone is different and unique.

    • nahh! Not implants! Just natural but they seem big to me! 😂

    • Try to embrace them. Women with small boobs have put foreign objects in their body to get big boobs. Busty girls can get some taken out and still have some left over without needing foreign objects in their body. Insecurities grow and lead to unhappiness. Embrace them. DDs are so sexy and feminine!!