How come people only notice the things you can't do/not good at rather than the things you can do/are good at?

Like for example I would do my chores nobody notices or thanks me. But when I forget to do them my parents notice straight away and get mad at me. Like when I get A's at school, nobody cares or says anything about it. But if I get a C or a B, they notice straight away and are disappointed in me. Why does everyone take notice of my failures, flaws and mistakes but not take much/no notice of my success, accomplishments and strengths?


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  • People are bitter, judgmental, and jealous people. They'd rather see someone fail and feel superior and better about themselves then see someone succeed and be made to feel inadequate.


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  • Chores? Because you are expected to do them.

    I am a soccer goal keeper. They only notice you when you fuck up.

    It's harsh but get used to it.


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  • Because flaws are easier to judge. Mistakes can be easy to judge whereas perfection is not.


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