Have you ever had a confident day until you saw yourself in the mirror?

I was feeling so confident today. My skin was looking good, I took a bit extra time to do my makeup... I looked good when I left the house.
Then today, I went with my friend to the bathroom and I was talking to her while looking in the mirror and I started noticing how weird my mouth looks when I talk. Then I noticed my clothes weren't flattering. Then my skin looked pale and washed out...

Has this ever happened to anyone else?

The big thing that got me, was my fucking MOUTH while I talk. It looks so weird to me! Now I can't stop thinking about it and I'm worried I'm going to be self conscious everytime I talk from now on, because I saw how terrible it looks today in the mirror.


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  • I doubt anyone was paying attention to how your mouth looked while you talked or even looked at your clothes long enough to notice it's flaws.

    The important thing is that you took the time to get ready so you could feel confident during the rest of the day. Be proud of yourself because most people have entirely given up hope and are completely lost when you are at least trying to make things work for yourself.


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  • lol same for everything except the mouth part...

  • I have those days, but it's not the mirror that gets me. It's when I look at myself from my phone.