Game : Watch video and understand the main point?

Game : Will you be able to understand the video main point having different language voice with English subtitle?

English subtitle is given below in light white color. Try to figure it out :P

Update question because link was broken :)

  • Yeah ! I did. haha
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  • Yeah ! I guess I have understood
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  • Nah ! It is hard to understand
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Updated question because of broken link *


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  • I don't know but whatever it is, those 3 guys were douchebags lol. I don't really get what the interaction between them and the girl was tough. Especially cuz of the ending.

    • Why the boy ran when girl talked with him at last? Did you get it?

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    • I thought the voice switching was just am artistic choice. I was supposed to take that literally?

    • They have done video effect , but you have to take it literally for this video clip. In real she is normal girl.