Random question for computer (possibly programing) savvy people:?

what type of programming causes : and ) to turn into :) after pressing send?


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  • there's probably code in the backend when you press "Send It!" that checks if you have something that looks like [space]:)[space] with a regular expression, then replaces it with some kind of placeholder so that when the site generates the HTML page (you call this URL www.girlsaskguys.com/.../q1805783-random-question-for-computer-possibly-programing-savvy-people for example and the server sends the response to your browser), the generated HTML replaces said placeholder with a span that contains the image instead of the placeholder.

    So that span contains the emoji and the image from images.girlsaskguys.com/.../1f60a.png

    • They also remove anything from the post that resembles HTML, so I'll include an image of what that big space was supposed to be:


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    • it's also case specific, right?

      : P = :P
      : p = :p

    • ohh. it's not. I thought it was


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  • It's just the GAG web app that converts the standard emoticons to their graphical version.

    • yea. but they had to use some sort of programming to make it do that.

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    • well why not name some of the programme that do it? I don't care which exact program gag uses. I'm more interested in what that type of programming is called.

    • Now we've exceeded my skill set. Sorry.

  • Doesn't that depend on the programing you're using?

    I'm only doing the basic stuff all todo with Python

    • I have no idea. I don't know anything about programming. I'm just curious how that seemingly simple thing works

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    • @xxCutySarahxx Honestly, it's not easier than C. The key difference is that Python is a scripting language and has some supposedly mature libraries that are fairly high level so that you can start a http server by just saying something like import httpserver; httpserver. start (); and it works bam (I wish, FLASK is a bit more confusing than that)

    • Like I said, it is different for everyone :) But i've not done much C so I can't tell : )

  • javascript.


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  • It would just send. The Programming has stopped unless you add another category. Go to effort. org