Where is the one place in the world you feel safe?

mine is my country... India what yours

? :-)
which place


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  • I would also have to say my country. Switzerland has a very fortunate location, geographically and geologically speaking. It's practically impossible for any natural disaster to ever occur here: we don't have any volcanoes. we never have any earthquakes (they're so slight they can usually not be felt), we have the massive alps which prevent things like tornadoes or hurricanes, we don't have any direct access to the sea, which means there can't be any dangerous floodings or tsunamis, we have a very mild climate, which prevents wildfires and we never have any severe droughts because we have more than enough fresh water from the mountains. Also, Switzerland is a small and politically neutral country, which means that we are very unlikely to be involved in any war and - though it's theoretically possible - it's also unlikely for any terrorist attacks to occur here. In addition to that, we have a very low crime rate, no real poverty and not too much cultural/religious/social tension in our society. So yes, I'd say I feel very safe here.

  • Yes in Miami FL I am very safe here

  • Under the covers. The Boogie Man can't get me there