What are the chances of surviving a Black Mamba bite when you're a toddler?

Well I got told by relatives about being send immediately to the hospital when I was 4 because of that and my uncle (with the help of someone else) caught it. However, I have a feeling the snake either didn't even use 1/2 of its venom or it was a dry bite.

I'm I right in my assumption? That's the only explanation I can come up with how I survived that and no decaying nor long-term damages were done. I heard poisonous snakes may at times bite without injecting their venom. Needlessly to say I have no recollection of that event.


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  • If the mamba just had bitten someone else or an animal, it's venom gland may have been empty or nearly empty.

    • That's what I thought. Scary to think I skipped death. Suck an ugly and scary looking snake.

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  • Black Mamba is an African snake. So unless you lived in Africa near a hospital with conveniently stored antivenin you would probably be dead.

    • I got lucky then. I was just there for a short 2 weeks trip. I have older cousin that are environmentalists and like travelling. Yes, the hospital was nearby.
      As someone else mentioned, I also think the snake probably already bit an animal and its venom was either nearly empty or none on it. Scary to think I basically skipped death.

  • Maybe it didn't bit, maybe it was just kissing your goodnight, you never know.

  • yeah... you're very very very lucky to be alive...


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