I mean I learned to take a hint, why are some guys so extremly bad at taking hint when they are super obvious?

Why do some guys not take hint? I mean if Ignir 90% of you messages and we aren't friends how is not obvious?

This guy is like that, he would message me regulary (the few time i answered was because of work related thingd) and i showed my guy friend Our convos and he said that its so obvious im not interested and it has to be something wrong with him.

I mean I learned to take a hint, why are some guys so extremly bad at taking hint when they are super obvious?


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  • Because you are not giving him a direct " im not interested " your playing games. Sending mixed messages. You like stringing him along because you love the attention.
    Your in no position to just come strait out and say NO not interested because then you won't get any more messages that totally boost your self esteem.
    Deny if you want. We all know exactuly this is why. You live the attention and it makes you feel good. With out it you won't feel to good.
    There's so many attention whores out there. All same
    Why don't they take the hint? Cause your sending mixed message hints and you know it.

    • Belive it or not I dont enjoy him sending me messages where he tells me what he is up to mm if he isn't talking about himself he us talking about work. . I can promise you.. I dont want him to do this to me and we work togheter so im trying not to make it awkward to go to work.

    • Aww yea that's differant. Tough because he works with you. I thought I read that up too.

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  • Lack of empathy and social skills


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  • Try being more direct. Some people are not as quick to catch on, and need things broken down Barney style. Not only that, but ignoring isn't always a no. It could just mean you're busy or something. Just let him know in a nice but direct manner, that you are not interested in him.

    • But the thing is that he has never said he liked me. Its a bit arrogant to say "I dont like you" to a guy Who never said he liked me in the first place

  • Because fuck your hints.

    • So because guys are selfish basically?

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    • You're not going to give me a reason why guys are like this are you? Lol

    • No. Because that's giving away mancrets. Manly secrets.

  • Why are some girls such bitches? You have drama queen written all over your post. I can't stand ho's like u.

    • Im a bitch because guys can't take a hint?

  • Then be more direct if it's such a problem.

    • And say what? "You're an annoying person and I dont give a shit about you"?

    • Hey, I'm sure it would work! Lol.

      Though to avoid those awkward times at work... Are we talking about someone who's trying to be buddy buddy with you or is he trying to pursue you? I suppose it's awkward either way, I would probably ignore them and be as curt as possible with any necessary communication.

  • Some guys are just terribly oblivious and think that maybe even when they are rejected to keep going bc they think persistence will eventually get the girl. But it doesn't and for these types of guy u have to be really direct and say u dont want to talk to them. If he keeps persisting then be even more direct by i dont like u. Please stop contactine me. If he keeps on doing it then threaten for harassment charges.

    • But we work togheter.. that why I haven't said "stfu" to him..

    • Well why dont u just stop texting back. Just ignore his messages conpletely.

    • I have to Block him again it Seems like. ..

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