GUESS, Which one is original?

noo cheating, whichone is original one?
GUESS, Which one is original??

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If you answered B you are Right!!!

A -was badly photoshopped it was obvious
C- i made her teeth shorter cause her teeth are pretty long
D- I made her face thinner

i did nothing to letter B, so B is the original picture


Most Helpful Guy

  • Process of elimination.

    Eliminate D. Because of the hair on the forehead. The other three have it. I don't think they'd add the hair, so the hair has been taken away on D.

    Eliminate B. This is subtle, but it looks like the brightness/contrast/gamma have been adjusted. A and B are side by side and easier to compare. B looks better than A. I don't think they'd make it worse, only better. So I eliminate B.

    Now between A and C. I can't decide between these two. A is cropped more, so I eliminate A. A also has a slightly sharper focus, but that doesn't tell me much. I suppose that A looks a little better than C, so maybe that's a second reason to eliminate A.

    So I pick C.

    • How the fuck did you catch b, but not a? I hope that didn't sound insulting or anything, I'm genuinely curious. B and c look exactly the same to me. A just looks wrong and it seems really obvious

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    • @Other_Tommy_Wiseau

      I don't work, but I should. That's why I'm *semi* retired and not fully retired. :)

      Yes, I actually do somewhat miss the regular lifestyle. I guess I just don't miss it enough to do anything about it.

      It's about balance. You can work now, pay off your debt, save your money, then kick back and retire early. Or you can go out and have fun now while you are young and energetic. Sow your seeds. Go on adventures. Do whatever. Then settle down and work later. Or some kind of combination. You have to find what works for you, and you have to be as honest and realistic as you can while figuring it out.

      I suppose the responsible adult thing to say is that you should get your career going and pay off your debt. Get some money put away. Once you have some money put away you have more choices. But you gotta get to that point first.

      I'm a very un-materialistic person. I really don't care about money or having things. But I'm not normal. Most people are not like that.

    • I hear ya. I mean my life goals are to travel the world and beach bum somewhere in the south or west coast or some random island. Have enough to pay for a house and shop for groceries and gas and that's pretty much it. Nothing too complicated. I'm really simple and basic. Pretty much already have everything I need material wise.

      Yeah, I'm obviously looking to pay off my debt and stuff, but I'm not looking to bust my ass being some desk jockey. I was a business major, but wanted to be an engineer, but that's another story. I pretty much just want something I'd have fun doing. I'm also not looking to be a dude living in a mansion or trying to be a millionaire, although if my goat/sheep business goes right, I could be 😂

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  • I'm going to pick B


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  • I'm pretty sure it's B

  • I'm gonna go with c, although b and c look exactly the same to me

  • When I usually don't know the answer in a multiple choices exam, I usually go with C

  • I can't see the difference.

  • With makeup: B
    Without it: A :D

  • I'll go with C!

  • it looks same , or may be i need glasses ; p


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