My friends listened to me have sex with my girlfriend. ?

So tonight my girlfriend and I were having sex and my friends were all hanging out in my basement. They knew I was with her and I really love her. Well things were kind of getting heated in my room. After walking her downstairs all of them were laughing and I was confused. When I walked back in they were telling me they put their ears on the door one by one listening to us and making fun of us. I was pretty pissed so I went back to my room and then my one friend followed. He said I really shouldn't be mad since I always spend all my time with her. I know I've been spending most of my time with her. I really love her. I see why they're upset but does that really give them the right to do that?


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  • Dude, you're the one getting laid, they're stuck in the basement like a bunch of kids giggling at sex sounds.
    Maybe they don't have the right, but at the same time, what does it hurt?

    If I was banging my girlfriend and my friends were listening, I'd kinda be turned on by it and be proud, haha.

    Maybe it's just me, but if I know that friends (the right friends, of course...) can hear what's going on, I'll turn up the intensity and volume a little ;-)


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  • ehh get over it my buddies did the same to me in college. guess what the buddies are still around the women aren't.

  • Should have made them pay you bruh haha.