Have you ever wanted to fight a bear with your bare hands?

I'm a Baer and would like to fight a bear with my bare hands. Would you?

  • Bear necessities hell yes
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  • Bare hands? Barely/hell no
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  • Care Bears don't believe in violence
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  • I'm smarter than the average bear... hey Boo Boo
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  • Uhh? Nope, can't say that I've ever felt such need.

    • That fart dude of yours is not such a pussy like you! He killed 13 with his bare hands and two with his wangymachu.

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    • @WhatTheHellAmy LOL!

    • Quiet down children before I whip out my claws.

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  • Hahahah nice words XD

    Yeah, you always see it on the movies so why not?

    Believe in yourself then say lol


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