Why does my friend keep name dropping a girl to me?

He asked me if I thought she was attractive and I said yes, she's pretty and he said she'd have sex with you.

We were talking about holidays and I mentioned where I want to go next summer and he said "she'd go with you, if you ask her she'd go with you"

I was out with him last night and he said "it's your girl's birthday" and I said I don't have a girl and he said "yes you do, (insert her name) is your girl and I was like no she isn't and he said "she is" and I changed the subject.


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  • He's doing it because she likes you and your friend is trying to set the two of you up.


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  • She probly aked him if he liked you... Or he can just tell easier... a lot of times its easier to tell if someone is crushing if your not involved... But somehow, he knows she likes you, and he's trying to hook u 2 up... If u think she's pretty, then go for it


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  • because he feels bad that u prolly don't have any girl, and he does, maybe he wanted u guys to double date? Ask him what's up with that?


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