Why do people stare at me?

Okay, so at first I thought it was bc im with this dude that im seeing but 2 nights ago i was out with a good friend of mine and people are staring at me too. This kind of makes me feel a bit uncomfortable, i feel like there's somethings wrong with me.

Told the dude im seeing about this and this is what he said

Why do people stare at me?
Is it me or he's prbbly telling the truth?😐

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  • He prbbly only say that to make you feel better
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  • I dont have time to help this bitch
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  • Its either how your dressed or your beauty or maybe a little bit of both


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  • I think he said t to make you feel better but I don't think he was lying either. There's nothing wrong with you.


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What Guys Said 5

  • Because you look weird. :')

  • It can be a very strange effect but it's very easy to start believing people are looking AT you when in fact they are looking THROUGH you. There is a big difference. The more you see people looking past you, the more you are convinced they are looking at you.

    I think your guy is correct, though. If people, especially guys, pass you in the street, they will always look at a pretty girl. It's easy for the brain to interpret a glance or a "checking out" as a stare.

    • I didn't even realize it until my friend said it, then i started become a little but paranoid about it😐

      I meant when im with him im used to people doing that, girls looks at him like most of the times when we're out but when im not with him im still kind of uncomfortable with people doing that.

  • People are definitely staring because they're checking you out

  • Depends guys look everywhere


What Girls Said 2

  • People look at something when its attractive & moving out of sight, won't linger to see again at one's leisure.
    Thus, it appears your group created a complementary composite attractive enough to hold others' attention long enough for them to analyze each portion to determine what it was that made it so.
    Seems silly to ask such a question when you have limited other personal clues as PRIVATE but one partial photo suggests you can dress with some do-dads & even ala rich to aid in attraction (besides beauty as touted).
    If you are not getting same attention as this, if not stared at like a cover girl/model on outings, then it's someone who IS (who?) ... or the composite suggested that is the trigger for such an event.

  • HAHA! JU YOUR PRETTY CUTE! I WOULD BE LOOKING AT YOU TOO! Girl maybe throw a little kiss next time! hahahh You seem to have looked nice that they had to look!