What could be causing tightness in my shoulder?

Its common for me to sleep on my shoulder.

But for awhile now, i have this tightness in my right shoulder. I usually don't feel it unless i am running or have something slung over my shoulder.


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  • It could be that you're straining the muscle and not drinking an adequate amount of water. Try putting a hot water bottle on the affected area to encourage blood-flow to come back into it. If you can, get a friend to gently massage it to also increase blood flow.


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  • Try a feather pillow?


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  • You probably have a knot or some kind of kink in the muscle. You can try to stretch or massage it out with hands or a small ball like a tennis ball

    • Would a kink linger for several years?

    • It could if it was in an annoying place that you pinch a lot. Like I've got this one knot that pops up at the base of my neck *all. the. time.*

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