Is it fair to stop doing favors for someone who seems to be taking advantage of you?

I don't mind doing favors for others tbh I actually like being there for people. In my case one of my friends I always seem to do favors for and the appriciation is overlooked. I have let him copy me for several assignments in which he ended up getting a better grade than me for some of them (ugh). I was basically always doing the work for him. Another time he asked to borrow milk and he would buy me some the next time he went to the store he just needed it at a time he didn't have it. Two months later STILL NO MILK. I'm just very pissed and I feel like I have been taken advantage of. This stuff makes me not want to help out anyone anymore. Now when he asks for answers I don't give it to him and tell him to do his work himself. Is this wrong of me or am I being rude and unfair about it?


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  • Of course it's fair to stop. There is a difference between being a good person and being a doormat. Just because someone asks for a favor, doesn't mean you have to do it

  • just have a chat to him... sort it out. be honest


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