Acceptance in Islamaban?

The recent growth in violence has led to repeat acts of violence resulting the creation of ISIS and other terrorist organizations particularly among the Pirmaban muslims. As a result one of the tribes of Syria the Kabooms were not allowed into any neighboring countries due to their involvement with the paris attacks. The Allahbanian president issued a special statement as to exactly why they are closing their borders to all foreigners. Should we adopt the same policies?


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  • Ban Muslims? Let's see where u will get your petrol

  • Personally I wouldn't mind, I don't see why we should be obliged to be tolerant and PC. If pit bulls are renowned for savaging children I won't risk getting one because if it savages my baby it's not a consequence I'm prepared to live with, I don't care if "they're not all like that". I know, fuck the fact that it was just analogy, I'm actually comparing muslims to dogs, oh the humanity, I'm worse than Hitler!