14 and still sleep with a baby blanket and suck my thumb?

I've sucked my thumb for as long as I can remember but it's embarrassing to say :/ every night i have my baby blanket and i keep it on the front of my wrist and i suck my thumb while I do it. I don't do it in public and it helps me calm down and go to sleep. But when I'm at sleepovers and stuff I try to get the farthest spot on the end of wherever we're sleeping and face away from everyone while I do it. Is this bad? What age should I have stopped at? This is really embarrassing so please try and refrain from the snarky comments, thanks :P


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  • Come and suck my cock instead.

    • no thanks considering I'm 14, asexual, and you're a pedo :)

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  • I still sleep with my blankie and I'm 16 and don't plan on stopping anytime soon. I don't absolutely need it but I like it so I do it. all my friends know and I comfortably brig it to sleepovers and I'll wrap it around me when we are talking or something I don't really care anymore


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  • Just try to break the habit, try to keep from sucking your thumb


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