Are there really people who do work, and live their lives on very little sleep?

I don't get it. Like, do you even realize that in order to function properly, most people need 8 hours of sleep a night/day (depending on when you actually do sleep). I see people saying they do things on only 3 hours, and I'm like, seriously? I can't even function properly without 12 hours of sleep, let alone 8 or 3


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  • Yes i know a few but after a while it plays havoc with their brains, people need proper sleep, something will eventually give out if they don't get it.


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  • I need to learn to function with only 3 hours sleep. I could get so much more done.

    Of course some people do it though. Some use productive drugs to get ample amounts of energy on almost no sleep.

    • My dad says the same thing. That if he didn't have to sleep, he wouldn't

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    • That's the point, the body needs its rest. the eyes do too. I guess you don't have to sleep EVERY day, but, you'd be very unproductive, in my opinion

    • If I skip one day of sleep, I need two days to recover. However if you did something like 4 hours sleep and a 1 hour nap you could function just as good once you're into it as a schedule.

      The body itself doesn't need sleep as much as the mind.


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  • Wait till you meet an investment banker :)


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  • haha. trust me i'd love to get 8 or more hours of sleep. but a crying baby doesn't take care of itself

  • 1 Successful career
    2. Much sleep
    3. Family/time for your hobbys.

    you can only have 2 of the above in life.

    • But if you don't get much sleep, you can't do the other 2