Why does my crush keep looking at her?

she's really quiet and aloof. im pretty sure she doesn't even know who my crush is but for some reason he still tries to make her notice him and whatever. she doesn't even flirt with her but he looks at her more than the other girls in our class. i talk to him and he talks to other girls but she never talks to him so why would he look at her more than us? she's not as popular as him. she's skinny and kinda pretty i guess? she has big boobs but a lot of girls don't like her. i heard she's a slut. like does he think she's prettier than us or something? !

  • he wants to be her friend
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  • he has a crush on her
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  • he thinks she's prettier than the other girls
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  • he thinks she's a slut and easy
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  • he wants to have sex with her more than other girls
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  • he hates her
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  • I am not sure maybe he likes her?